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Consider the following statements and mark the correct option in terms of breathing:

(i) Cellular Respiration can be defined as a process in which carbon dioxide combines with Substrates to release energy.

(ii) Only CO is removed through process of exhalation from our body.

(iii) Respiration comprises of both breathing and cellular respiration.

(iv) Cells produce ADP by process known as cellular respiration.

Option: 1

Only (iii) is correct.

Option: 2

Option (i),(iii) and (iv) are correct.

Option: 3

Option (i) and (iii) correct.



Option: 4

All of these are correct.

Answers (1)


In the process of cellular respiration, Oxygen combines with substrate to release energy in the form of ATP.

Respiration involves both breathing and cellular respiration and the Carbon dioxide released from the process is moved out through exhalation.

Hence, option 1 is the correct answer.

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