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Expulsion of urine become voluntary when it is present in:

Option: 1



Option: 2



Option: 3

Urinary Bladder


Option: 4

Pelvis of Kidneys

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The urinary bladder serves as a holding tank for urine, a fluid that the kidneys use to remove waste from the bloodstream. About 300 to 400 millilitres of urine might build up in the bladder before the urge to empty it arises. Slowly filling, the bladder increases volume and adjusts to pressure. After exerting sufficient pressure, the bladder's neck and urethral opening relax, the contents are expelled or emptied, and the bladder is fully empty. The muscles in the pelvic floor, abdominal wall, and diaphragm control the flow of pee by applying pressure to the urinary bladder wall, which causes urination to become voluntary.

The right response is option c. 


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Divya Prakash Singh

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