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Find the mismatched pair from the following.

Option: 1


Peroxisome- peroxide metabolism

Option: 2

Peroxisome- photorespiration

Option: 3

Spherosomes - breakdown of the very long fatty acid chain

Option: 4

Glyoxisome- converts fats into carbohydrates.

Answers (1)


Spherosomes support lipid storage and synthesis. Similar to lysosomes, the spherosomes of tobacco endosperm tissue and maize root tip cells exhibit a limited variety of hydrolytic activity. This is due to the presence of hydrolytic enzymes in their spherosomes. Hence option 3 is correct. 

Explanation for incorrect options : 

Option (1) is incorrect because peroxisomes also contain the enzyme catalase, which decomposes hydrogen peroxide either by converting it to water or by using it to oxidize another organic compound because hydrogen peroxide is harmful to cells.

Option (2) is incorrect because peroxisomes aid in photorespiration in plant cells that are photosynthesizing. They get the glycolate produced in the chloroplasts and oxidize it to frame glyoxylate, subsequently delivering hydrogen peroxide as a result. In the end, the glyoxylate is converted into the amino acid glycine.

Option (4) is incorrect because glyoxysomes are tiny bodies that can only be found in plant cells with a lot of fat. There, they participate in the -oxidation of fats and carry out the glyoxylate cycle. Catalase is also found in glyoxysomes. Plant cells that store fat first transform fats into carbohydrates, which are then metabolized.

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