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Five kingdom system of classification suggested by R.H. Whittaker is not based on:

Option: 1

Presence or absence of well defined nucleus

Option: 2

Mode of reproduction

Option: 3

Mode of nutrition

Option: 4

Complexity of body organisation

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  • The main principle for analysis by R.H. Whittaker include:
    1. Complexity of cell structure (eukaryotic or prokaryotic)
    2. Body organiazation (unicellular or multicellular)
    3. Thallus organization

          4. Mode of nutrition (autotrophs or heterotrophs)
          5. Reproduction (sexual or asexual)
          6. Phylogenetic relationships

  • And therefore presence or absence of a well-defined nucleus is not the basis for R.H. Whittaker's classification. 
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