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 How many electrons are involved in the following redox reaction ?

Cr_{2}{O_{7}}^{2-}+Fe^{2+}+C_{2}O_{4}^{2-}\rightarrow Cr^{3+}+Fe^{3+}+CO_{2}(unbalanced)

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Option: 2


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Option: 4


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The given reaction is

Cr_2O^{2-}_7 + Fe^{2+}+C_2O^{2-}_4\rightarrow Cr^{3+} +Fe^{3+}+CO_2

Let's breakdown the reaction into parts and balance the electrons

Cr_2O^{2-}_7 + 6e^-\rightarrow Cr^{3+} ..........equ 1

Fe^{2+}\rightarrow +Fe^{3+}+e^- ...........equ2

C_2O^{2-}_4\rightarrow CO_2 +2e^- ...............equ 3

Reaction 1 involves reduction with 6 electrons.

Reaction 2 and 3 involves oxidation with 1 and 2 electrons respectively.

Therefore balance the electrons we add 2 and 3 and multiply each by 2 and add all reactions.

We get balanced electrons on both sides.

No. of electrons in oxidation and reduction = 6

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