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Identify and label the given structure.

Option: 1

A- Homologous chromosome, B-sister chromatids

Option: 2

A- Non Homologous chromosome, B-sister chromatids

Option: 3

A- Homologous chromosome, B-non-sister chromatids


Option: 4

A- Non Homologous chromosome, B-non sister chromatids

Answers (1)


A part represents homologous chromosome while B represents sister chromatids. Sister chromatids are often identical copies with the same size and set of genes. The genes share the same alleles and are located at the same loci. Contrarily, homologous chromosomes might have distinct alleles despite carrying the same genes at the same locations. Hence, option 1 is correct. 

A part represents homologous chromosome which is different from non-Homologous chromosomes.  Non-Homologous chromosomes are chromosomes that contain alleles for the distincttype of genes. Hence option 2 and 4 are incorrect.

B represents sister chromatids which are different from non-sister chromatids. Homologous chromatids are non-sister chromatids. They are chromosomal pairs with identical lengths, staining patterns, centromere locations, and gene features at specified loci. Non-sister chromatids form during meiotic cellular division. Hence option 3 is incorrect.

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