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Identify the name of muscle.

Option: 1

Smooth muscle

Option: 2

Cardiac muscle

Option: 3

Skeletal muscle

Option: 4

None of the above

Answers (1)


The given image is of skeletal muscle. These muscular fibres are arranged in bundles.

They are connected to the skeleton. Hence option C is correct.

The given muscle is not a smooth muscle.Smooth muscle is an involuntary, non-striated muscle at the cellular level. Smooth muscle is made up of thick and thin filaments that are not organised into sarcomeres, giving it a non-striated appearance. Hence option A is incorrect.

Smmoth Muscle

The given muscle is not a cardiac muscle.Cardiac muscle cells are grouped in parallel bundles that are linked to each other at the intercalated disc regions at the cell's ends and along its sides. Hence option B is incorrect.

 Cardiac muscle

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Ritika Jonwal

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