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In Cymose the type of inflorescence is

a . Main axis terminates into flower

b. Flower born in Basipetal order 

c. The main axis does not terminate into flower

d.Flower born in acropetal order

Option: 1

a and b only

Option: 2

c and d only 

Option: 3

a and c only

Option: 4

b and c only

Answers (1)


The cymose inflorescence is also known as determinate inflorescence and is characterized by the presence of a flower at the apex of the floral axis. The main axis has limited growth in this case. The lateral axis terminates into a flower and limits the growth of the axis. Flowers are arranged in basipetal succession in this type of inflorescence. Thus, younger flowers are present at the base and the older flowers are placed terminally on the axis. This arrangement is also called a centrifugal arrangement with the older flowers in the middle and the younger ones present in the periphery. Hence, option 1 is the correct answer.

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