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In photoelectric effect which factor increase by increasing the intensity of incident photon

Option: 1

Kinetic energy of electron

Option: 2

Stopping potential

Option: 3

Work function


Option: 4

Numbers of emitted electrons

Answers (1)


Option A) Every atom has a nucleus around which the electrons orbit. Since these electrons are always in motion, they have kinetic energy.

Option B) Stopping potential is the minimum negative voltage applied to the anode to stop the photocurrent. The maximum kinetic energy of the electrons equal the stopping voltage, when measured in electron volt.

Option C) The minimum amount of energy necessary to start the emission of electrons from a metal's surface is known as its work function. The work function is the minimum amount of energy required to remove an electron from a metal's surface to infinity.

Option D) The number of photo electrons emitted is directly proportional to the intensity of light. Thus, with change in photo electrons emitted the intensity of light changes.

Therefore, the correct answer is D) Numbers of emitted electrons

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