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 In what stage of flower development is the calyx visible?

Option: 1

After the petals have fully opened

Option: 2

Before the petals have fully opened

Option: 3

Only when the flower is in full bloom

Option: 4

Only when the flower is producing fruit

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The calyx is first developed during bud formation. This thick layer of plant tissue protects the developing bud by completely covering the surface of the bud. The sepals remain together until the flower blooms and are attached to the crown of the receptacle, located at the top of the pedicel. The pedicel is located at the distal end of the stem. The structure containing the calyx and corolla (petals) is called the perianth. Plants that do not form a calyx in flower development are called asepalous.

Correct option is 2. 

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Pankaj Sanodiya

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