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 Match the correct information given in column 2 about column 1–

Column 1 Column 2

A - Hippocampus

1) Experience of emotions, anger

B - Amygdala

2) Learning and memory

C - basal ganglia

3) Behind the infundibulum

D - Septal nuclei

4) Control of movement during voluntary motor activity

E - Mammillary bodies

5) Formed by region under corpus callosum

F - Hypothalamus

6) Sexual desires and maintain body temperature


Option: 1

A-2, B-1, C-4, D-5, E-3, F-6

Option: 2

A-1, B-2,  C-4, D-5, E-6, F-3

Option: 3

A-6, B-4, C-1, D-5, E-3, F-2

Option: 4

A-2, B-3, C-4, D-1, E-5, F-6

Answers (1)


The Limbic system is the collective  part of the brain that controls emotions, motivation, and emotional association with memory.

Certain components of the cerebrum and diencephalon constitute the limbic system

 A - Hippocampus mainly controls Learning and memory. It converts short term memory into long term memory.

B - Amygdala controls Experience of emotions, anger.

C - basal ganglia stimulate Control of movement during voluntary motor activity and reflex muscular activity. 

D - Septal nuclei formed by region under corpus callosum

E - Mammillary bodies are situated behind the infundibulum.

F - Hypothalamus controls Sexual desires and maintains body temperature.

Option 1 is the correct answer. 

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