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Match the correct pairs and choose the correct option from the data given below:

 Column A                                                   Column B
1. Drooling (i) Obstruction in the salivary ducts.
2. Sialolithiasis (ii) condition of dry mouth resulting due to  hyposalivation 
3. Xerostomia (iii) uncontrolled flow of saliva outside the mouth
4. Sjogren’s disease (iv) an autoimmune disorder of the destruction of  Salivary glands.



Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3



Option: 4


Answers (1)


The uncontrolled flow of saliva outside the mouth is known as Drooling.

Sialolithiasis is a condition that results in an obstruction in the salivary ducts. 

Also, the condition of dry mouth which is an outcome of hyposalivation is known as Xerostomia.

Sjogren’s disease is an autoimmune disorder of the destruction of salivary glands.

Hence, option 2 is the correct answer. 

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Devendra Khairwa

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