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Match the following,

Cartilage type



a. Fibrous cartilage

  i. Laden with calcium

A. Skeleton of shark

b. Hyaline cartilage

  ii. Clear, elastic matrix

B. Pubic symphysis

c. Calcified cartilage

     iii.Well-developed fibres

C. Nasal septum

Identify the correct combinations,

Option: 1

 a-iii-A, b-ii-C, c-i-B

Option: 2

  a-ii-B, b-i-A, c-iii-C

Option: 3

a-i-C, b-iii-B, c-ii-A

Option: 4

a-i-A, b-iii-B, c-ii-C

Answers (1)


Hyaline cartilage, fibrous cartilage, and calcified cartilage are the three forms of cartilage. The hyaline cartilage is formed of a less fibrous, translucent, and elastic matrix in large amounts whereas the fibrous cartilage is composed of the matrix's highly developed fibres. Based on the type of fibres, there are two forms of fibrous cartilage: white fibrous cartilage and yellow elastic fibrous cartilage. The calcified cartilage is not found in the human body and the matrix is laden with calcium.

Option 1 is the correct answer.

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