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Match the following :


Column A

Column B

  1. Male gamete

a. Diploid

  1. Female gamete

b. Ovum

  1. Meiosis

c. Sperm

  1. Zygote

d. Farmer and Moore

Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3



Option: 4


Answers (1)


Farmer and Moore coined the term'meiosis'. A diploid cell is one that has two copies of each chromosome. As a result, a Zygote is diploid. Almost every human body cell contains two homologous, or comparable, copies of each chromosome. The zygote is diploid (has two sets of chromosomes) because to the presence of both of its parents' genes. Sperms are male gametes that are created throughout the spermatogenesis process.Oogenesis is the process by which female gametes, known as eggs or ovums, are formed. Hence option B is correct.


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manish painkra

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