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Option: 1

A is zygote (2n) and b is PEN (3n) 

Option: 2

A is PEN (3n) and b is is zygote (2n)

Option: 3

A is zygote (n) and b is PEN (2n)

Option: 4

A is  PEN (2n) and b is is zygote (3n)

Answers (1)


(a) A fertilised ovum is a zygote. As part of the spermatogenesis and oogenesis processes, the germ cells go through meiosis to achieve a haploid state (n). A chromosomal set in zygote is reinstated in a diploid state (2n) by the sperm and unfertilized ovum.

(b) One sperm nucleus (1N) from a pollen grain and two polar nuclei (2N) from an embryo sac fuse to generate a triploid (3N) primary endosperm nucleus (PEN). Triple fusion is the term for this.

(c) Option 1  is the correct answer. 

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