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Select the correct sequence for a citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle.

Option: 1

Carbohydrates→glucose→glycolysis cycle→pyruvate→acetyl CoA→Krebs cycle→36 ATPs


Option: 2

Carbohydrates→glucose→Krebs cycle→pyruvate→acetyl CoA→36 ATPs


Option: 3

Carbohydrates→glucose→glycolysis cycle→pyruvate→acetyl CoA→Krebs cycle→ 1 molecule glucose→36 ATPs


Option: 4

Carbohydrates→glucose→pyruvate→acetyl CoA→Krebs cycle→ 1 molecule glucose→36 ATPs

Answers (1)


The citric acid cycle, often known as the Krebs cycle, is the primary metabolic mechanism by which carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids are completely oxidised. 

1. For most species, glucose is the major substrate for respiration.

2. All carbs are first broken down into glucose, which is then transformed into pyruvate by the glycolysis cycle.

3. Pyruvates are transformed into acetyl CoA, which enters the Krebs cycle. From one molecule of glucose, the Krebs cycle produces 36 ATPs.

Option b is the correct answer. 


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