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Select the correct statement for the imperfect fungi Trichoderma.


Option: 1

Sexual reproduction occurs by spore formation.


Option: 2

Aseptate mycelium is present.

Option: 3

Asexual reproduction occurs by conidia formation.


Option: 4

Coenocytic mycelium is present.

Answers (1)


Option 3) is correct because Trichoderma is Deuteromycetes (imperfect fungi) that reproduce only asexually by forming conidia. The mycelium present in it is septate and even branched. They are found in almost all types of soils and in habitats that are basically diversified.

Explanation for the incorrect options, 

Option 1) is incorrect because Trichoderma does not go through sexual reproduction at all because they belong to the group Deuteromycetes. They undergo only asexual reproduction by conidia.

Option 2) is incorrect because Trichoderma has septate mycelium and is also branched.

Option 4) is incorrect because Trichoderma does not have coenocytic mycelium. Coenocytic mycelium can be generally found in Rhizopus and Mucor.

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Ritika Jonwal

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