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Select the incorrect match wrt Mineral and its natural resource 

Option: 1

Iron - Red meat or eggs 

Option: 2

Sodium - Table Salt 

Option: 3

Potassium - Fruits and vegetables


Option: 4

Calcium - Brazilian nuts

Answers (1)

CALCIUM bone and teeth formation;muscle and nerve function dairy products, leafy greens and dry beans
IRON making of haemoglobin and myoglobin red meat, eggs,nuts whole grains, leafy greens
ZINC component of certain enzymes; required for growth meat,whole grains, nuts legumes
PHOSPHORUS bone and tooth formation; pH of body fluids; phospholipids dairy products, grains
POTASSIUM maintains pH of body fluids; used in action potential Fruits and vegetables, meat , milk
SODIUM maintains pH of body fluids; used in action potential table salt , meat
SELENIUM immune system Brazil nuts, fruits and vegetables


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Pankaj Sanodiya

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