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Select the right option considering the below statements:

Statement I: When osmosis is demonstrated with a potato Osmoscope device, the sugar solution in the cavity of the potato becomes coloured and the level increases.

Statement II: This demonstrates that water entering the sugar solution through potato tissues acts as a selectively permeable membrane.

Option: 1

Both statements I and II are correct.

Option: 2

Both statements I and II are incorrect

Option: 3

Statement I is correct.

Option: 4

Statement II is incorrect.

Answers (1)


In the experiment of demonstration of osmosis in a living system using the Potato Osmoscope where in a peeled potato a cavity is made and filled with the concentrated sugar and then placed into a beaker, also a mark is made on the same to identify the initial level.

In this experiment, it was observed that the sugar solution in the cavity of the potato becomes colored and the level rises which proves the entry of water into the sugar solution via the potato tissues which act as the selectively permeable membrane.

Hence, the correct answer is option 1.

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Ramraj Saini

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