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Some examples of adventitious root modifications are given below. Choose the correct option:

Option: 1

Tuberous: Asparagus

Option: 2

Fasciculated: Sweet Potato

Option: 3

Nodulose: Bitter gourd

Option: 4

Annulated: Ipecac

Answers (1)


The correct option is Option 2 - Fasciculated: Sweet Potato.

Adventitious root modifications refer to specialized roots that perform functions other than typical anchorage and absorption. Let's break down each option:

Tuberous: Asparagus - This is incorrect because asparagus has adventitious roots that are modified into tubers for storage and propagation.

Fasciculated: Sweet Potato - This is correct. The sweet potato has adventitious roots that are modified into fascicles (clusters) for storage and nutrient storage.

Nodulose: Bitter gourd - This is incorrect. Bitter gourd does not have nodulose (knotted/swollen) adventitious roots.

Annulated: Ipecac - This is incorrect. Ipecac does not have annulated (ringed) adventitious roots.

So, the correct answer is Option 2) Fasciculated: Sweet Potato.


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