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Sound waves travel at 340 m/s through warm air and at 3400 m/s through brass. The wavelength of a 700 Hz acoustic wave as it enters brass from warm air:

Option: 1

Decrease by a factor 20

Option: 2

Decrease by a factor 10

Option: 3

Increases by a factor 20

Option: 4

Increases by a factor 10

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Here, \mathrm{v}_{\text {air }}=340 \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s}, \mathrm{v}_{\text {brass }}=3400 \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s}

When a sound wave travels from one medium to another medium its frequency remains the same

\because \text { Frequency, } f=\frac{v}{\lambda}

Since f remains the same in both the medium

\begin{aligned} & \Rightarrow \frac{V_{\text {air }}}{\lambda_{\text {air }}}=\frac{V_{\text {brass }}}{\lambda_{\text {brass }}} \\ & \lambda_{\text {brass }}=\lambda_{\text {air }} \times \frac{V_{\text {brass }}}{V_{\text {air }}}=\lambda_{\text {air }} \times \frac{3400}{340}=10 \lambda_{\text {air }} \end{aligned}


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