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Statement 1: Mucus and tears provide lubrication to the eye which is produced by conjunctiva.

Statement 2 - Lacrimal gland is an exocrine gland which produces the aqueous portion of the tears and protects the eye.


Option: 1

Statement 1 and statement 2 both are correct.

Option: 2

Statement 1 is correct, statement 2 is incorrect.

Option: 3

Statement 2 is correct, statement 1 is incorrect.


Option: 4

Both the statements are incorrect.

Answers (1)


The eye conjunctiva provides lubrication and protection to it by production of mucus and tears. It plays an important role in immune surveillance by preventing microbial entrance into the eye. It provides covering to the sclera of the eye by lines inside the eyeball.

The Lacrimal gland secrete aqueous portion of the tear and maintain the ocular surface. It is bilobed and tear shaped present in the anterior, superotemporal orbit in the frontal bone's Lacrimal fossa.

Option 1 is the correct answer.

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