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The components of gases, according to the kinetic molecular theory, are_______

Option: 1

Small particles that are constantly moving

Option: 2

Large particles that are stationary

Option: 3

Medium-sized particles that are in constant motion

Option: 4

Small particles that are stationary

Answers (1)


The kinetic molecular hypothesis states that gases are made up of tiny particles (atoms, molecules, or ions) that are constantly in motion and have a minuscule volume in comparison to the space they fill. 

These particles collide with one another and the walls of their container as they travel randomly and quickly. A gas's pressure is caused by the force gas particles apply to the container's walls when they contact.

Option B is incorrect because Gases contain particles that are constantly moving rather than stationary.

Option (c) is similarly erroneous because there is no defined range of sizes that can be referred to as "medium-sized," and the size of the particles is often quite tiny.

Gases contain particles that are constantly moving rather than stationary, hence option (d) is wrong.

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Sumit Saini

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