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The equilibrium constant for a reaction is 10^{2.83}. What is the value of \Delta G^0 (kJ)? 

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As we have learnt

Feasibility and Gibbs Free Energy of Reaction -

Let n faraday charge be taken out of a cell of emf E, then work done by the cell will be calculated as:
Work = Charge × Potential
Work done by the cell is equal to the decrease in the free energy.

-\Delta \mathrm{G}=\mathrm{nFE}


Standard Gibbs Energy -

 \Delta _{r}G^{0} = -RT\ ln\ k

where, K= equilibrium constant of the reaction

 \Delta G^0 = -RTlnK

=-8.314 * 298 * 2.303 * \log 10^{2.83}=-16.15 \: \mathrm{kJ}


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