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The eukaryotic ribosomes are 80 S, while the prokaryotic ribosomes are 70 S.Here 'S' stands for_____, it indirectly is a measure of  _________.

Option: 1

Svedberg unit, number of r-RNA in ribosome

Option: 2

Smooth surface, surface area of ribosome

Option: 3

Shorter organelle, size

Option: 4

Sedimentation coeffiecient, size and density

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The sedimentation coefficient (S) is a measure of the rate of sedimentation of a particle under centrifugal force, which indirectly reflects the size and shape, density and frictional coefficient of the particle. The S value is used to differentiate between prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribosomes, with eukaryotic ribosomes having a higher S value due to their larger size and density.

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