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The first stable product of CO2 fixation in sorghum is:

Option: 1

Pyruvic acid

Option: 2

Oxaloacetic acid

Option: 3

Succinic acid

Option: 4

Phosphoglyceric acid

Answers (1)


Sorghum is a plant genus belonging to the grass family, Poaceae. It exhibits the Cpathway during the light-independent phase of photosynthesis.

In C4 plants, a 3-carbon molecule called phosphoenol pyruvate, accepts COand forms a 4-carbon acid called oxaloacetic acid which is the first stable product of COfixation. This reaction occurs in the mesophyll cells of the leaf and is catalysed by the enzyme PEP carboxylase (PEPcase).

Phosphoglyceric acid, a 3-carbon molecule, is the first stable product of COfixation in C3plants.

Succinic acid, a 4-carbon molecule is an intermediate formed in the Kreb's cycle of cellular respiration.

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