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The process of mitosis is


Option: 1

A cell's demise

Option: 2

Without reduction, cells divide

Option: 3

cell death


Option: 4

cell division with half of the chromosomes 

Answers (1)


Cell division is the process by which a mature cell divides into two nearly identical daughter cells that share many traits with the parent cell.

Cell reproduction involves two processes.

Cell growth is the time when different cell components are synthesised and duplicated.

A mature cell divides into two cells during the process of cell division.

The Cell cycle is finished in two stages:

M-phase transition and dividing phase

Two identical daughter cells are produced during mitosis.

Cells divide during mitosis without being reduced.

There are four additional stages within the M-phase, or mitosis:





Option 2 is the correct answer. 

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Ajit Kumar Dubey

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