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The uppermost layer of the root stele is referred to as the

Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3


Option: 4


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The stele's topmost layer is called the pericycle. It has cells that have the capacity to proliferate and produce lateral roots. The centre of monocot roots contains pith, another form of ground tissue. The tissue is made of parenchyma.Motor, sensory, and association regions are the three different categories of functional areas found in the cerebral cortex.The cylindrical root endodermis serves as an apoplasmic barrier for selective nutrient uptake and divides the inner vascular tissue from the outer cortex.The pith's main job is to move nutrients across the plant and then store them in its cells for later use.

The pericycle is a special type of tissue found in roots that performs three distinct tasks: it initiates lateral roots, aids in the commencement of the vascular cambium, and initiates the cork cambium.therefore the correct answer is Pericycle

Option 3 is the correct answer.


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