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The viscosity of a liquid___________as the temperature rises.

Option: 1



Option: 2


Option: 3

Remains constant

Option: 4

Is independent

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Viscosity refers to the resistance of a fluid to flow. In liquids, viscosity arises due to the interactions between the molecules of the liquid, which result in the formation of a network of intermolecular bonds. 

These bonds create resistance to the flow of the liquid and hence increase its viscosity.

As the temperature of liquid increases, the kinetic energy of its molecules also increases. 

This causes the molecules to move faster, and the intermolecular bonds that contribute to viscosity weaken. Consequently, the resistance to flow decreases and the liquid becomes less viscous.

Therefore, the general trend is that the viscosity of most liquids decreases as temperature increases. 

However, there may be some exceptions where the viscosity of a liquid increases with temperature due to specific intermolecular interactions that become more pronounced with increasing temperature.

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