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The xenobiotic compounds get detoxified on this site.

Option: 1

A) Cytosol

Option: 2

B) Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

Option: 3

C) Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

Option: 4

D) Vacuoles

Answers (1)


 Option 2  is correct because in liver cells smooth endoplasmic reticulum helps in the detoxification of xenobiotic compounds. The cells of the liver are composed of enzymes that help in the catalysis of numerous reactions which in turn aids in the formation of lipid–soluble drugs and converts metabolic wastes into water–soluble substances that can be easily expelled from the body.

Explanation for the incorrect options : 

Option 1 is incorrect because cytosol serves to provide support and shape to the cell, helps in the transportation of molecules across the cell and also maintains gradients across the membrane of the cell. It does not help in detoxifying of xenobiotic compounds.

Option 3 is incorrect because the rough endoplasmic reticulum participates in the synthesis and secretion of proteins.

Option 4 is incorrect because vacuoles generally help in the excretion of waste products in animals such as Amoeba. Vacuoles also help in maintaining the water balance in plant cells.

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