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There are 2 plants. Plant A do self pollination while plant B do cross pollination. Which of the following plant will survive in disease attack?

Option: 1

Plant A


Option: 2

Plant B


Option: 3

Both plants A and B 


Option: 4

None of them

Answers (1)


Cross-pollinated Plant B is more likely to withstand a disease assault. This is so that there will be more genetic variety throughout the population. Cross-pollination introduces genetic variation into the progeny. In turn, this raises the possibility that at least some people will possess genetic characteristics that enable them to withstand or fight the disease. On the other side, self-pollination in Plant A reduces genetic variety, increasing the risk of illness in the entire population. Option 2 is the correct answer.

Explanation for the incorrect options :

Option 1 is incorrect because plants that self-pollinate may have less genetic variety, which leaves them more susceptible to disease assaults.

Option 3 is incorrect because Plant B has a greater chance of surviving a disease assault because of its genetic variety via cross-pollination, even if both plants may survive an attack from the illness.

Option  4 is incorrect because for cross-pollination, at least one of the plants, Plant B, has a greater chance of surviving.

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Suraj Bhandari

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