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 What is the chromosome structure during the Metaphase stage of Cell Division?

Option: 1

It is composed of two sister chromatids kept together by the centromere.

Option: 2

It is made up of several sister chromatids that are connected to spindle fibres at the centrosome.



Option: 3

There are no sister chromatids.


Option: 4

It is made up of non-sister chromatids that are linked to a cell pole.

Answers (1)


During the metaphase stage of cell division, chromosomes are rod-shaped, dark-stained entities that may be seen under a light microscope.

Chromosomes contain DNA that is tightly wound.

They carry genetic information in the form of genes and are crucial in inheritance.

The number of chromosomes present in an organism remains consistent throughout species.

Together with chromosome number, the size and structure of individual chromosomes are constant within a species.

During the metaphase stage of cell division, chromosomes can be seen under a microscope.

Chromosome condensation is finished at the metaphase stage of cell division and may thus be seen clearly under a light microscope.

Using a light microscope, the following structural features of a chromosome can be seen at the metaphase stage of cell division:





Organizer of nucleoli



A chromosome is formed up of two sister chromatids during the metaphase stage.

The centromere connects the two sister chromatids.

At the metaphase stage, the chromosomes are on the equatorial plane, with one chromatid attached to spindle fibres at one pole by its kinetochore.

The other chromatid, on the other hand, is linked to the spindle fibres of the opposite pole by its kinetochore.

Option 1 is the correct answer. 

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