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What is the name of the phenomena in which a liquid climbs up a narrow tube against gravity?

Option: 1

Capillary action

Option: 2

Surface tension

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The capacity of a liquid to flow through constricted areas without the aid of and in resistance to outside forces like gravity is known as capillary action.

The intermolecular interactions between the liquid and the tube's solid surface cause this phenomenon to happen.

More than the attraction between the individual liquid molecules themselves, the liquid molecules are drawn to the tube's solid surface.

A concave meniscus forms at the tube's top as a result of the liquid ascent up the short tube.

While they are similar terms, surface tension, viscosity, and cohesion do not precisely refer to the capillary action phenomena. 

Due to the cohesive structure of its molecules, a liquid's surface tension gives it the ability to resist an external force. 

Cohesion is the attraction between molecules of the same material, whereas viscosity is the difficulty of a liquid to flow.

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