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What is the primary function of a fruit?

Option: 1

Protection of the embryo


Option: 2

Nutrition for the embryo


Option: 3

Dispersal of the seed


Option: 4

Attachment of the seed to the fruit

Answers (1)


Dispersal of the seed is the primary function of a fruit. It is an important mechanism in plants which have seeds. Fruits are important for the dispersal of seeds. Fruits serve to protect and aid in the dispersal of seeds. For example, a strawberry is a fruit that has seeds on the outside of the fruit. Animals that eat the fruit also help to disperse the seeds by depositing them in their droppings. Hence option C is the correct answer.

Option(A) Fruits do not protect the embryo, in fact it protects the seeds. Hence option A is incorrect.

Option(B) Fruits  do not provide nutrition for the embryo. Hence option B is incorrect.

Option(D) The primary function of a fruit is not the attachment of the seed to the fruit. Hence option D is incorrect.

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