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What is the primary mechanism of action for permanent methods of birth control?

Option: 1

Hormonal regulation


Option: 2

Blocking sperm entry into the uterus

Option: 3

Prevention of ovulation


Option: 4

Surgical sterilization

Answers (1)


The primary mechanism of action for permanent methods of birth control is d) surgical sterilization. Procedures such as tubal ligation (for women) or vasectomy (for men) aim to permanently block or sever the reproductive pathways, ensuring that eggs and sperm cannot meet for fertilization. These surgical procedures are considered irreversible and provide a permanent form of contraception. Unlike hormonal methods, which regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent ovulation, and barrier methods, which block sperm entry into the uterus, permanent methods of birth control involve a surgical intervention that aims to permanently eliminate the possibility of pregnancy.

Option 4 is the correct answer. 


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