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What occurs if cell cycle regulation is ineffective?

Option: 1

It will lead to apoptosis.

Option: 2

Cell will divide normally.

Option: 3

It will lead to cancer.

Option: 4

Nothing will happen.

Answers (1)


C. Ineffective cell cycle regulation can cause cells to proliferate out of control, which can result in the growth of cancer. Cell growth and division can occur unchecked if there are any flaws or irregularities in the processes that control the cell cycle, which is a highly regulated process. Failure of the checkpoint mechanisms may allow the accumulation of mutations necessary for the ultimate onset of cancer by preventing the repair of damaged DNA. Hence option C is correct.

A. In reaction to DNA damage or cellular stress, apoptosis, a type of programmed cell death, naturally takes place during development, tissue remodelling, and other times. Ineffective cell cycle regulation can cause cellular stress and DNA damage, but it does not always result in apoptosis. Hence option A is incorrect.

B. The failure of the regulatory mechanisms to properly control the cell cycle is implied. Cell division that is aberrant or out of control could arise from this, which is not "normal." Hence option B is incorrect.

D. Uncontrolled cell division can result in the development of tumours and cancer, which can have serious effects for the cell and the organism as a whole. Hence option D is incorrect.

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