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What will cell do if cell cycle is halted at G2 checkpoint?

Option: 1

Cell will attempt to complete DNA translation.

Option: 2

Cell will attempt to repair the damaged DNA.

Option: 3

Cell will attempt to complete DNA transcription.

Option: 4

Both a and b

Answers (1)


B. The G2 checkpoint verifies that DNA replication was successfully completed and that the cell is prepared to proceed to the mitotic phase of the cell cycle. The cell will halt at the G2 checkpoint and activate DNA repair mechanisms to fix any damaged DNA before continuing if any are present. Hence option B is correct.

A. Since DNA translation takes place during protein synthesis and is not directly related to the cell cycle or the G2 checkpoint, option a, "Cell will attempt to complete DNA translation," is incorrect. 

C. Option c, "Cell will attempt to complete DNA transcription," is also untrue. DNA transcription takes place throughout the cell cycle's interphase and is not specifically impacted by the G2 checkpoint.

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Sanket Gandhi

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