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 What would happen if the mitochondria's inner membrane was damaged?

Option: 1

The ATP production will be reduced.

Option: 2

There will be no change in ATP production.

Option: 3

Cell will die

Option: 4

Cells will survive.

Answers (1)


Since cells can no longer produce enough energy, cells that have suffered widespread mitochondrial damage perish. It's true that the enzymes responsible for cell death are released by mitochondria themselves. Hence, option 3 is the correct answer.

Explanation for the incorrect options :

Option 1 is incorrect because if the elements of the electron transport chain are found in the mitochondrion's inner membrane. The electron transport chain's components undergo oxidation and reduction processes, which provide a proton gradient that ATP synthase uses to phosphorylate ADP and produce ATP. If the inner membrane is damaged then there will be no production of ATP takes place.

Option 2 is incorrect because the inner membrane of mitochondria is responsible for ATP production. If the inner membrane is damaged then there will be no production of ATP taking place.

Option 4 is incorrect because there will be no ATP available to perform the essential functions of a cell. Hence, the cell will not survive.

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Sumit Saini

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