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When during electrolysis of a solution of AgNO_{3}  965 coulombs of charge pass through the electroplating bath, the mass of silver deposited on the cathode will be:

Option: 1

10.8 g

Option: 2

1.08 g

Option: 3

5.4 g

Option: 4

108 g

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As learned in the concept

Second law of electrolysis -

The masses of different substances, liberated or dissolved by the electricity are proportional to their equivalent masses.

We know that 96500 C of charge releases 1 equivalent weight of an element
96500C------->1 eq
965C------->0.01 eq
0.01 eq of Ag weighs:
                                    \frac{108}{100}\: \mathrm{g m}=1.08 \mathrm{\: gm}
Therefore,option(2) is correct



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