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Which among the following statements is incorrect about monocotyledonous tissue systems

Option: 1

Bulliform cells that help in the curling of leaves are absent in monocot leaf

Option: 2

Epidermis covers the entire plant and protects the plant from external damage

Option: 3

Vascular bundles in monocot stem are neither radial nor conjoint

Option: 4

In a monocot stem pericycle is absent

Answers (1)


Option 1: The bulliform cells are found in the upper epidermis of the monocot leaf. These cells can absorb a huge amount of water, which in turn opens the leaf blade. Hence, the correct option is 1.

Explanation for the incorrect options :

Option 2: Epidermis, in botany, an outermost, protoderm-derived layer of cells covering the stem, root, leaf, flower, fruit, and seed parts of a plant. The epidermis and its waxy cuticle provide a protective barrier against mechanical injury, water loss, and infection.

Option 3: Vascular bundles of monocot stem are conjoint, closed and phloem parenchyma is absent in them. Therefore, no secondary growth is observed in the monocot stem, except for a few exceptions.

Option 4: In monocots, the endodermis is present around each vascular bundle. Distinction into cortex, pericycle, and pith is not seen. Vascular bundles are present in the ground tissue.

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