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Which anomalous property of beryllium is responsible for its use in the nuclear industry?

Option: 1

High melting point

Option: 2

Formation of complex ions

Option: 3

Low density

Option: 4

Ability to absorb neutrons

Answers (1)


Beryllium has a high cross-section for neutron scattering and can absorb neutrons, making it useful in the nuclear industry for neutron moderation and shielding.

  • Beryllium has anomalous properties that make it useful in the nuclear industry. Its high melting and boiling point, as well as its ability to reflect neutrons, make it a valuable material for nuclear reactors. 

  • Beryllium is also an excellent moderator, helping to slow down fast neutrons to facilitate nuclear reactions. 

  • Additionally, its small size and high charge density make it an efficient neutron multiplier, allowing for greater energy production in nuclear reactions. 

  • These unique properties make beryllium a valuable material in the nuclear industry, where it is used in various applications, including nuclear weapons and power generation.

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Irshad Anwar

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