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Which is the smallest unit of life?

Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3


Option: 4



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The cell is the smallest unit of life since it is the most fundamental building component of all living organisms. It is the smallest unit that displays all of the stated conditions for life. In prokaryotes, the cell is the foundation of all tissues and organs and develops the complete organism. Tissues arise when cells become specialized and arranged for a certain function. Tissues get organized to create organs, and organs collaborate in the body to perform a function in organ systems. The cell is the basis for all of these structures and every bodily component. Therefore, the correct answer is option 1. 

Explanation for the incorrect options : 

Option  2 is incorrect because many cells that cooperate and perform various functions make up tissues. Hence, tissue is not the smallest unit of life.

Option 3  is incorrect because The many tissues that makeup organs come together to form organs. Hence, the organ is not the smallest unit of life.

Option 4 is incorrect since organelles only carry out their duties when they are present inside a living cell, we do not refer to cell organelles as the structural and functional units of living organisms. As they require a medium or environment to function, which the cell provides, they are unable to function independently outside of the cell.

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