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Which is true with refrence to enzymes ?

Option: 1

Coenzyme = Holoenzyme + Apoenzyme

Option: 2

Holoenzyme = Coenzyme + Apoenzyme

Option: 3

Apoenzyme = Holoenzyme + Coenzyme

Option: 4

Holoenzyme = Enzyme + Apoenzyme + Coenzyme

Answers (1)

  • The enzyme exists in its active form as a holoenzyme.
  • The apoenzyme and the coenzyme are their two components. A cofactor is referred to as a coenzyme if it is a natural, organic molecule. 
  • The apoprotein is inactive on its own. It becomes active upon binding to the cofactor, resulting in the formation of a functional holoenzyme. 

Therefore, option 2 is the correct answer.

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