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Which of the following connects the cytoplasm of neighboring cells in plants?

Option: 1

Gap junction

Option: 2


Option: 3

Cell wall

Option: 4

Middle lamellae

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Little channels called plasmodesma (plasmodesma singular) link the cytoplasm of adjacent plant cells to one another, creating a live connection between the cells in plants. Hence option 2 is the correct answer.

Explanation for the incorrect options:

Option 1 is incorrect because animals have these gap junctions, which directly link the cytoplasms of nearby cells.

Option 3 is incorrect because the cell walls include pores that link the tiny cytoplasmic channels between neighboring cells. These passageways, known as plasmodesmata, facilitate communication and the movement of various chemicals between neighboring cells.

Option 4 is incorrect because the middle lamella acts as a connecting layer between the cell's principal walls.

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