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Which of the following events is the correct matching of the events occuring during menstrual cycle?

Option: 1

Mensturation s breakdown of myometrium

Option: 2

Proliferative phase is the rapid generation of myometrium and maturation of Graafian follicle

Option: 3

Development of corpus luteum , increased levels of progesterone, secretory phase 

Option: 4

During ovulation, egg develops and is released from the fallopian tube in ovaries 

Answers (1)


Approximately from day 15th to day 28th, secretory phase is marked in the uterus. It is referred to as  endometrial thickening, under the influence of progesterone as secreted by corpus luteum, to prepare it for implantation (if the ovum gets fertilised).Hence, the correct option is (c).

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