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Which of the following factors affect the vapor pressure of a liquid?

Option: 1

Temperature only

Option: 2

Pressure only

Option: 3

Nature of liquid and temperature

Option: 4

Nature of liquid, temperature, and pressure

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Vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by the vapor when a liquid is in dynamic equilibrium with its vapor in a closed container. The factors that affect the vapor pressure of a liquid are:

  • Nature of the liquid: The vapor pressure depends on the strength of the intermolecular forces between the liquid molecules. A liquid with weaker intermolecular forces will have a higher vapor pressure compared to a liquid with stronger intermolecular forces.
  • Temperature: The vapor pressure increases with an increase in temperature. This is because the kinetic energy of the molecules increases with temperature, leading to more molecules escaping from the liquid surface and entering the vapor phase.
  • Pressure: The vapor pressure is directly proportional to the external pressure above the liquid. An increase in external pressure will increase the boiling point and decrease the vapor pressure.
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