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Which of the following gaseous air pollutants is known to cause acid rain?

Option: 1

Sulfur dioxide (SO_2)

Option: 2

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Option: 3

Nitrogen oxide (NO_x)


Option: 4

Ozone (O_3)

Answers (1)


Sulfur dioxide is a major contributor to acid rain, as it reacts with atmospheric moisture to form sulfuric acid. Acid rain can have negative impacts on aquatic life, forests, and infrastructure.Acid rain is a form of precipitation that has a lower pH value than normal rainwater (pH of 5.6). The pH of acid rain is usually below 5.0 and can even be as low as 2.0. The primary cause of acid rain is the emission of SO_2  and  NO_x from human activities, such as burning of fossil fuels (e.g., coal and oil) for energy production and transportation, and industrial processes.

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Anam Khan

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