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Which of the following is a characteristic feature of phloem parenchyma cells?


Option: 1

They are elongated and tube-like in shape


Option: 2

They lack the ability to divide and differentiate


Option: 3

They contain dense cytoplasm and numerous organelles


Option: 4

They are composed of thick, lignified cell walls

Answers (1)


Phloem parenchyma cells contain dense cytoplasm, numerous organelles, and a large central vacuole. They are involved in the storage and distribution of nutrients and other organic compounds throughout the plant.

  • Phloem is a vascular tissue that transports organic compounds like sugars, amino acids, and hormones from the site of production to the other parts of the plant.

  • Phloem is composed of different types of cells including phloem fibres and phloem parenchyma. 

  • Phloem fibres provide structural support to the phloem tissue and are long, narrow cells with thick walls. 

  • Phloem parenchyma cells are specialized for storage and have thin cell walls. They also play a role in the transport of organic compounds through the phloem tissue.

  • Option 3 is the correct answer 

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