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Which of the following is a method for measuring the volume strength of H_2O_2 solution?

Option: 1

Conductometric Titration

Option: 2

Mohr's Salt Method

Option: 3

Iodometric Titration

Option: 4

Gravimetric Method

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Iodometric titration is a widely used method for determining the volume strength of H_2O_2  solution. In this method, a known volume of H_2O_2 solution is reacted with excess KI and H_2SO_4  to produce I_2 , which is then titrated with a standard solution of Na_2S_2O_3  . The volume of Na_2S_2O_3 required to react with the I_2  is a measure of the volume strength of the H_2O_2 solution.

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