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 Which of the following is not a cardinal feature of the large intestine? 

Option: 1

Teniae coli

Option: 2

Appendices epiploicae

Option: 3


Option: 4

None of the above 

Answers (1)


Teniae coli are Bands of longitudinal muscle fibers that are present all over the colon. These converge at proximally at the base of the appendix and spread out distally to continue along the longitudinal muscle layer of the rectum. And teniae coli is a cardinal feature of the large intestine. Hence option A is correct.

Appendices epiploicae are the fat-filled bags of visceral peritoneum attached to the teniae coli and are unique to the large intestine. Hence option B is correct.

Sacculations are the series of pouches/dilatations that are present in the wall of the caecum and colon between the teniae giving the large intestine a wrinkled appearance. Hence option C is correct.

So all of the above are correct. Hence, the correct answer is option 4 which is none of the above. 

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